Welcome to the New Maple Theory!

Hell ladies and gentlemen, today on December 21st, 2011 I am reopening Maple Theory as something new, a site dedicated to providing you with the the best, most up to date guides for Maple Story, most specifically, GMS. I’ve archived and moved aside all of my little ideas and intend to begin providing more useful […]

PvP in Maple Story? How to make it work

PvP could be one of the single most discussed topics in Maple Story when it comes to things maplers would like to see. Some have a seemingly insatiable desire and others appear strongly opposed. What I am proposing is not what some thing of when they think of PvP but sort of a middle ground, an agreed upon fight where your goal is not actually to kill the other player but to use that ability to your advantage when aiming to complete another task.

Thank You to Maple Sushi

Hey everyone, I’m very happy I’ve been getting readers as this as a topic might not strike many as a popular thing however I hope to make it so. I owe a huge thanks to Maple Sushi for becoming my affiliate, if you noticed me through Sleepywood or otherwise, check him out his guides are […]

Welcome to Maple Theory!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Maple Theory.  I began Maple Theory to express my ideas on what could make Maple Story better both socially and in its many gaming aspects.  I would love to in future see others ideas, others takes and articles guest written by others. This began due to my constant posting on Sleepywood with […]