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Welcome to Maple Theory!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Maple Theory.  I began Maple Theory to express my ideas on what could make Maple Story better both socially and in its many gaming aspects.  I would love to in future see others ideas, others takes and articles guest written by others.

This began due to my constant posting on Sleepywood with my ideas about how I felt Maple Story could be made a better place. However, now I have Maple Theory to host them all in one place so I do not clog the Sleepywood General Chat section.

As of present there are three tabs.  Hypothesis include ideas I fully intend to post but have yet to write background articles for.  The comments of that page is also where one might make a suggestion about an idea upon which you wish for me to extrapolate.  The Theories section is an archive for all the article I have posted to that point.  Finally the about section is where you may see all the information regarding this blog that was not posted in this introductory post.

As I wish to keep this introductory post here a while longer, as an edit I would like to announce the first theory has been written and posted on the page where it belongs and the about section has been completed and posted.

I also wish to claim that all graphics and effects belong to their respective owners and that This blog is created using content from the game Maple Story that is owned by Nexon inc. and that the background banner at the top of the page was made by a user Kirimy using images from the game Maple Story.


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