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The Archives

Welcome to, “The Archives,” here is the collection of all the various theories and hypotheses that were published throughout the run of Maple Theory as my personal suggestion forum. Prior to its current state as a guide, the site was a place where I posted my hopes and ideas for the future of Maple Story. I did it more as an exercise and entertainment for myself and I never really expected anything to come of it, however I wish to keep it up as a “museum” of my work, already, over two years since the original posting date, my writing is very different. Below you can find a selection of what was posted here in the early days of Maple Theory.

Some of them contain grammatical errors, others dated information, all of this will be left in tact…

NX Template
Guild Headquarters
Changing How We Talk
Class Set System
Patching Up the Patches
Falcon Boss Battle
NLC Harbor and LLB
Omega Sector Re-Imagined
Halloween Event PQ

Additionally, one post was made by a guest, the owner of the site, AskSushi where I served as a writer for a period, below is the idea he expounded upon…

Prestige Points

Finally, I had a page where I listed my ideas, things that I intended to write about called “hypotheses,” which can be found here…



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