PvP in Maple Story? How to make it work

For those who do not know, PvP is player vs. player, a system in which players can fight each other the way one would fight a monster dealing damage to each other, obviously to kill your opponent.

PvP could be one of the single most discussed topics in Maple Story when it comes to things maplers would like to see. Some have a seemingly insatiable desire and others appear strongly opposed. What I am proposing is not what some thing of when they think of PvP but sort of a middle ground, an agreed upon fight where your goal is not actually to kill the other player but to use that ability to your advantage when aiming to complete another task.

One of the strongest arguments against PvP, and rightfully so is the fact that players of a much higher level would simpler kill lower level players causing them to loose interest in the game. Another argument against this is that ranged players like Night Lords, even of a lower level would have drastic advantages over close-ranged players who can deal much more damage. Both of these arguments are very valid which is why I am going to make an attempt to counter these arguments with a way to solve them.

Firstly, one of the reasons PvP was not implemented in Maple Story was an age thing. Maple Story is rated E10+ and many believe Nexon said that they will not add a player versus player aspect as it is not acceptable for an E10+ game. However this is entirely contradictory to the fact that players are not supposed to be playing Maple Story unless they are 13 years or older. Everyone however knows that many younger kids will simply lie about their age and play. Either Nexon took this into account upon making the decision or the whole thing never actually happened. Either way the end result was no PvP.

Like I said, the two arguments I mentioned earlier are highly valid which is why we need to counter them, very simply in fact. First, make all PvP agreed upon, in a specific zone with no possibility for players to kill others outside of it, upon entering this zone players would be prompted with a message saying simply that they are entering a PvP zone and ask them if they are sure they would like to do so. Secondly, the whole ranged issue, simple, cap attack on ranged and non-ranged classes. In these zones, ranged players would have an attack cap, as would non-ranged players but the caps would be different. Players can still hit under these caps if thats their typical attack but anything that would fall above this, is altered to fit within the restrictions. Just for the sake of argument, lets say ranged players are caped at 2,500 damage (2,000 for multi-hit attacks) and close ranged players are caped at 4,500 damage. This would make it so that players do not easily take down another in a single hit before they reach them, and when a close quarters play does reach their target, they can dispatch their opponent quick due to the opponents earlier advantage.

While the concept obviously needs fine tuning, for the second topic, percentages could be taken into account. For example, ranged players could only deal 15% of their opponent total original HP and close ranged players can deal 22% of their opponent original HP, this would accommodate, low HP classes, HP washing, and all things of that nature.

What about the zones? Well my proposal is not that their are rooms for PvP, but that PvP is integrated as a side goal to a larger on in a PQ, that would assure that players whole heartedly agree to fight each other and serve as a rough system for making “even teams”.

I would also like to say that no experience to a player would be gained, there again arises the PvPPQ concept. The only experience gain from the endeavor, is not from the killing but from accomplishing a larger goal, a further incentive for those only in it for the experience, to take some time off killing to do something more team oriented.

Spawn zones would also be instrumental, an area players of a team spawn where they cannot be touched by enemies, a one way portal like we saw way back when on Maple Island in the tutorial, this would allow players to buff up and get ready to join the battle, and upon exiting the portal they would be spat out onto an area where they are technically on the field but can neither attack or be attacked or do anything for that matter, simply to let them know if there are any “baddies” waiting right outside. This would be the safe area for those AFK as you obviously knew that you may only stay in the spawn room for 60 seconds before your booted out.

This in my honest opinion would solve the discrepancies with PvP. did I miss anything? Let me know. I post this due to my upcoming theory, so be on the lookout for that.

Thanks for reading as always, feel free to comment, as there is no signup required unless you want a permanent name and comments help to improve my theories and make me happy cause I feel lonely. ):

Thanks for reading!~


2 comments on “PvP in Maple Story? How to make it work

  1. 2 more things that you can add:

    level restrictions(like, 20-30, 35-45, something like this)

    separate player according to their attack/m.attack in status(of course, it would the players could not switch weapon/armour once entered the PVP zone)

    i prefer the 2nd one, i think i never saw a game with the second “rule”, the 1 “rule” is the most common in all mmorg and players and kinda sicky of the same gameplay

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