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Thank You to Maple Sushi

Hey everyone, I’m very happy I’ve been getting readers as this as a topic might not strike many as a popular thing however I hope to make it so. I owe a huge thanks to Maple Sushi for becoming my affiliate, if you noticed me through Sleepywood or otherwise, check him out his guides are great and he will be posting an Aran guide soon.

Ive noticed based on view counts on pages that Maple Memoirs and Studies are the most popular pages as of late. I apologize that these are not available at the moment and will be available soon.

The main reason Memoirs is not up and running is because I am still going through the process of purchasing Fraps and Sony Vegas so I may record in-game and edit said videos. As for studies, I actually need volunteers to perform these and I will explain this in detail later but if your in Bera, feel free to contact me, I’m on EST, my ign is under About and any class or level will work.

I also expect to post a new theory on Sunday and then have a third up before Christmas. I would love to see some comments as I have received 110 unique hits at this point yet no comments which I would greatly appreciate and again thank you all and thank you Maple Sushi.

*At the moment there is nothing posted there but if your so inclined the password to both password locked pages is “maplesushi” just if you want to see a blank page.


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